Thursday, 6 July 2017

Johnny Ramone guitar build 6

I'm not much of a fan of anything electrical but after shielding the guitar body cavity with copper tape ( hopefully to reduce any interference) the job of wiring the various controls and pickups was pretty straightforward. I had copied Johhnys bridge pickup modification by adding a Dimarzio and a tap test confirmed its a pretty hot pickup which I hope will contribute to the sound I'm after. The only difficult bit was the grounding to the bridge post which due to my cack handidness was a bit of an effort but eventually  job to fit up.


Vinogirl said...

That's way too complicated for me.

Michael said...

Nice work again, Thud! A Humbucker seems the pickup of choice doesn't it!

I'm sure my bass didn't have one though, more like a second-hand Ford Transit...

(I'll get hy hat...)!

Electro-Kevin said...

I hope you relic it.

As it happens I'm taking an electronics course at the moment. Within five minutes I'd blown the LED in my kit going off piste and experimenting.

A) At least I was curious enough to experiment

B) At least I was able enough to test that it was the LED that had been damaged and not the resistor or switch in the circuit.

C) At least I have welding gear available at Mum and Dad's... I'm sure a step down transformer will see me alright.