Friday, 1 September 2017

Gabba gabba

My daughter is much to young to see a band playing in a club but the fantastic CJ Ramone kindly invited her over to his sound check in Liverpool and gave her a little private show of her own complete with him playing her fav Ramone tune 'commando' I just happened to escort her and by coincidence being a big fan enjoyed the day almost as much as her......we're a happy punk rock family!


Vinogirl said...

What a great experience for a young Ramones fanatic to have. Glad the old Ramones fanatic had a good time too.

NotClauswitz said...

Incredible! What fun!

Michael said...

Great day for you both!

Is that your own guitar?

(All the switches have gummed up on my Yamaha electric...)!

Thud said...

scrobs,it was his gear which was magic for for Yamaha.....Gibson or nothing! (well maybe gretsch)