Friday, 13 October 2017

Moving on

Lots of work to do around the various houses this winter if the weather permits as I will start the long selling process next summer so everything needs to be spick and span. It will take quite a while to sell my property as it comprises several houses with outbuildings, land etc so not just a simple sale. The time taken however will give me time to decide if we are going to renovate a new property, self build, move to another part of England or apply for an American EB5 visa, all viable options but some real serious thought needs to go into making what may be the last of my major decisions in life....I hope!


haddock said...

That's a foreigners trowel and hammer. Brickies here use a 'Broad Heel' trowel to cut and lay bricks and a lump hammer, handle first, for tapping down to line or level.
I have seen Swiss and Frog brickies using that kit but being foreign they are allowed to.

Thud said...

Haddock...nicked! as for foriegners , I blame my wifes influence....I am partial to brick hammers as well as lumpie.

Electro-Kevin said...

Sad news after following this project avidly for years.

Is there nothing a clever bit of accounting can do ?

(But at least you have options - and I will certainly have my mettle tested if McDonnel has his wicked way, what with my trade and union.)

Thud said...

EK, its a combo of future worries about UK, family health (alz) and wanting a new challenge, plenty of time to think unless a snap for you and the union,hopefully there are at least a few with your uncluttered free thinking outlook.

phlegmfatale said...

I second what Electro-Kevin said about the enthusiasm for your reno chronicle here, though I've been an absentee blog neighbor for some time. Your craftsmanship and aesthetics have been breathtaking as you've renovated your property. I respect your wish to take your time and be in a state of choice about your next step, rather than having to sell quickly on the fly. But given the heart you've put into all the work, I think someone will probably snap your property up quickly, if you should list it. It truly is beautiful.
Whatever you decide, you and your lovely family have my best wishes for your ultimate good outcome.

Michael said...

I still use my dad's old brick hammer, it has his initials carved into the handle, and the last time he used it, he actually sharpened it for ages, so he could chop the bricks to fit!

Don't leave Thud. Through various means, I found your exact place and it is stunning! The Bothy is a work of art, and seeing the main building go up with such gorgeous woodwork, done by you, was a revelation, such that when I was re-making a balcony outside last month, my first thought was 'How would Thud do it'!

Electro-Kevin said...
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Electro-Kevin said...

You're landed gentry now.

Ever thought of a pair of gun dogs ?

- they'll need training

- they'll return love and loyalty ten fold

- they'll get you out and about doing country things

- best security system around, though they are nickable in themselves

- they'll wreck your house - meaning lots of the renovation jobs you like !

Electro-Kevin said...

I think the Cobynistas are overplaying their industrial action ability.

Most of their supporters are snowflake university researchers and lecturers, good for nothing of any use. And who will enforce the confiscatory policies ? The police who have just given up on investigating burglaries ? The courts who have been instructed not to imprison people ? Or the army, who have been treated with utter contempt and run down to nothing ?

Even most rail union members are now propertied conservatives (small c) - the messroom agitators pip squeaks who have never thrown a punch in their lives. Not like the miners at all. Nothing like it.

Thud said...

EK, I'm just angry that after all the country has been through to reach a state that I think average blokes like me can thrive we are going to throw it away due to the retro beliefs of spineless commie twats who have never done a days graft in their lives nor had to meet a payroll by going hungry themselves..

Vinogirl said...

SCTs. I like it, even if I don't swear myself :)

Electro-Kevin said...

Your not an average bloke and even above average blokes can't thrive anymore.

My lad is training to be a doctor. I'm sure that will include going hungry sometimes. It's already included many weeks without much sleep and that was aged 17 when he was doing IB exams... and on and on it goes.

He won't be able to get a mortgage until at least 35.

No wonder his generation are turning to confiscators and I don't blame them.

All they want is a modest semi they can call their own without paying someone else half their wages to do it.