Thursday, 1 March 2018

school daze

We found out today that number one daughter has been accepted by the grammar school of our choice. We are lucky enough to live in an area that has a great choice of grammars unlike sadly most of the rest of the country. As happy as I am I'm aware that we are more than likely committing now to living here ( or nearby) long term, something I never intended. Its a great area to live in but my work/hobby is restoring period houses and the Wirral is a relative desert architecturally and so a future move around here is somewhat of a problem. The biggest issue is though the possible/probable advent of a Corbyn labour-communist government. A Corbyn govt would mean great financial harm to family OTW and perhaps in doing away with grammar schools would eradicate the main reason we have stayed here. So again I find myself wondering just what to do for the best, I just wish we could settle things down and have 10 years of boring political peace.....fat chance.


Trubits of Life. said...

THUD send them to know you want to.
I would have sent my girls there if their inebriate father
hadn't blown it all away (in the wind) if you know what I mean!
Liverpool College is full of gangsters kids.. so really i don't
know unless you move South, our first and most lovely grandaughter
Molly attend St Catherines College in Guildford...Surrey ..
but there are many good schools in your region Good luck...C'est difficult..
Love Di..xx

Thud said...

Di, the wife is a big fan of West Kirkby grammar.You are right about Liverpool college sadly.

Michael said...

Excellent news Thud and well done that gal!

Down here, Kent has some fabulous Grammar schools, there's one not far from here, where the house prices have a huge hike as it is so good! T.Wells has several, and also some great faith schools! Tonbridge and Sevenoaks shine with many more!

Plenty of houses to restore too.

See you in the pub and we'll all talk it over!

Thud said...

Scrobs...wife has now asked to be shown whats available in Kent and informs me we have family there (allegedly!)'s grim oop north!

Trubits of Life. said...

Ooh well! Scrobs paints an interesting picture...upsticks and
go south, our eldest went aged 18 and hasn't returned apart from hols etc.
But what about your Mama , hows she doing ?
Good luck anyway xx
Di xx

Thud said...

Trubes, ta for asking, ALZ is playing its terrible tricks and our time is filled with battling its effects, my Mum is game but it's taking its toll,but family is all and so we soldier on.

Electro-Kevin said...

Yay !

When it comes to it I can get the boys' ideas on the differences between IB and A level.

Congrats !!!

Electro-Kevin said...

You can get plenty of your money in a different place and hedge your bets.

A good grammar cannot be beaten.

Albert said...

What's up with sending number one to Bebington girls school, we have a young lady who goes to the school and enjoys it, it's closer for you

Congratulations to number one, the gang has really grown up

Thud said...

Albert,it was our close second choice, Missus and number 1 seemed to like west Kirkby a little if they care how far I drive!!!!

Michael said...

Thud, nearly all the larger towns in Kent have grammar schools.

Especially good are the schools in Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, but other areas like Medway and East Kent have some great ones!

As it's reasonably local for us, the one with a great reputation is Cranbrook School. The have a strict catchment area such that values of property are pretty good. You'll usually see CSCA on qualifying house details. As for faith schools, there's a good one in T.Wells known as St Gregorys.

Kent are pretty good at defending the right to retain grammar schools, always defying the labour dogma to abolish them!

Thud said...

scrobs, we spent some time looking yesterday and the wife is interested and wouldn't mind taking a look sometime on the ground.I'm still holding fire on everything till we see how comrade corby shapes up, can't see a reason to stay in UK if he gets in.

James Higham said...

"We are lucky enough to live in an area that has a great choice of grammars unlike sadly most of the rest of the country."

You mean you were clever enough to live there.

Thud said...

James, you may have a point.

Vinogirl said...

Congrats to number one :)