Wednesday, 5 September 2018

All gone

For the first time today (if only for a few hours) all my children were at school and the house empty...quite peculiar. My eldest started grammar school, a privilege denied so many kids today because of the mindless hate of the grammar system endemic in the labour party (a few Tories too). For me like so many working class kids of my generation the grammar system opened up the world to us and afterwards many went on to great things but size fits all and unless you have money you are pretty much toast......don't you just love ideologically driven politicians?


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

Congratulations, and you are so right on!

Albert said...

Oh! my, she has grown, they better not discuss buildings or regs as she can tell them a thing or two :-)

Michael said...

Big milestone this, Thud.

Quite a few more to come too, but what a lovely picture!

Vinogirl said...

She looks so grown did that happen?

Electro-Kevin said...

Good on you/them/her

Sam and Jake went to grammar. Best thing ever.

The school I went to had four kids convicted convicted for various murders while they were there and many others since. It was based on the film Scum.

Far more chance of going to prison than university.

I vowed that my children would never go to anything like it.

E-K said...

One of our twins took A levels and the other IB. IB was to a much higher standard going by the hours put in.