Saturday, 17 November 2018

My kind of woman

Perhaps it's because I was brought up by and around strong women, perhaps it's because I'm a father of 3 amazing little girls, but for whatever reason I have nothing but admiration for the way in which Theresa May has comported herself in the last two years of tortuous Brexit negotiations. Belittled and sneered at by Euro pygmies and betrayed by so called male colleagues she is still battling on regardless and I thank her. The deal may be a pile of crap but its the only deal in town and she has tried to make the best of a terrible situation. All the childish make believe nonsense of no deal being better or she has been weak in negotiations just don't me the man who could have done better. So everybody should just shut up and buckle down to the task in hand which is working together to make this deal work for us all, I know I am.


Diane Westwell said...

Totally agree Yhud, I think she is amazing, listening
to Corbyn today on PMQ's all I can say"What an Arse H...
How can anyone believe a thing he says.
He is nothing but a Political Gainsayer' Just trying to score points
TH wants what's goood for the whole electorate!
Di xx

Thud said...

Di, good to hear from you again.

E-K said...

A) We didn't vote for a deal

B) She is supported by a large Remain network and is working to her brief. Don't feel too sorry for her.

4 million UKIP voters = 1 MP

17.5 million voters = no Brexit.

yet we see...

A few thousand rioters can overturn Macron's Carbon Tax (let's call it what it is)


A few thousand rioters can overturn the Welfare Reform Act (aka the Poll Tax)

2 1/2 years later we remain patient and orderly.

It's US who deserve your praise. Not the devious May (under whom a baby impaler gets release from prison - worst Home Secretary in memory.) Well. Let's have Corbyn then. Democracy obviously isn't working.

We're about to find out what it's like when conservative people of little wealth (small c) quit voting.

May ?

Where I am people can't stand the sight of her.

Jimmers said...

No sorry. May is a remainer and has schemed for remain all along. She started the negotiations by accepting the EU conditions for starting said negotiations- NI border etc. No one who is serious would accept such preconditions at the beginning of any negotiation. The whole process has been a stitch up from the get-go, ably supported by many in parliament and the main stream media, especially the BBC.