Wednesday, 16 January 2019

What happened?

Its the day after the disastrous parliamentary Brexit  and nobody seems to know if we are coming or going and I like millions of others am angry at the failure of our glorious leaders to stop playing games and get our lives back on track. I could go on forever about the whys and wherefors but why bother? we are powerless it seems to make politicians toe the line, at least under the present system and given our British lack of direct action. I do fear though that this situation might change and for the first time I would probably agree....what a shower of shits we have in parliament, where is our Cromwell when you need him?


Dennis Tsiorbas said...

I'm watching and praying for the home of the Magna Carta; may 1215 have a new birth in 2019.

Vinogirl said...

It's mind boggling, except it has proven that referendums, and the subsequent majority vote, mean nothing to blood-sucking politicians.

James Higham said...

Ship of fools.

E-K said...

I wish it had never happened - which is not the same as saying I wouldn't vote Leave in a second referendum.

What Remain have failed to accept is that there is no going back under the old terms. From the moment the referendum was called a mandate was being sought for only one of two things: FULL EU membership or FULL withdrawal.

Now they deny that Leave (they call it Hard Brexit) was ever on the ballot slip.

They do not tell us that their option will lead only to full EU integration: euro, Schengen, EU army, EU intelligence (our loss of Five Eyes membership), common taxation ... and on. The EU is a ratchet and every single vote is used to tighten it.

The Remain establishment is making the referendum the gift that keeps on giving... to the EU.

It makes me glad, for once, that I don't have much asset value.

I cannot believe that May cannot shake off a communist tramp partnered with an illiterate and innumerate retard who is only there for PC reasons.

This goes to show how truly bad May is.

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NotClauswitz said...

We have the worst political calss, and the so-called "elites" are dumb as a sack of hammers and sickles.

NotClauswitz said...