Monday, 23 December 2019

Rocking christmas.

My girls celebrating xmas in their own style.


Michael said...

Your gals are highly talented, lovely ladies, and let's hope that these skills stay with them for may years to come!

E-K said...

Good on them !

Happy New Year and a belated Happy Christmas.

Thud said...

Cheers Ek.

Di Westwell said...

Hello Thud,
Every Good Wish for 2020 to you Thud Lady Thud, Granny Thud and the Thudettes.,
What an amazing and talented family you have (I do wish I knew your name).
I do hope your sister is ok after all the fires in California, also Granny is keeping ok.
I never did get back to blogging, purely because I just forgot how to set up a new site as the old site 'Trubes' fell apart, also I wanted a new start.
Have you got any new projects going ? ,
love Di xxx

Trubes said...

Hello, again Thud,
After reading through your previous posts I was sad to learn that your dear Mum had passed away, I'm glad that she passed peacefully, surrounded her beloved family,
Sincere condolences to you all,
Love Di, xxx

Thud said...

Thanks for that Di.