Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Old dog new tricks.

 After much toing and froing the new house/project I've been after is going to be mine come the end of Jan and so the process of planning is already in hand. The main house has an art deco vibe going on and we plan to accentuate and work with the existing theme but it also has a rather badly built annex which I'm hoping to replace with something like that shown in pic below. Its way way out of my usual area of expertise but I've been feeling rather trapped in my ways and I feel like I have one more good multi year job in me, so glass and zinc it is......fingers crossed.


Michael said...

Great idea, Thud.

It's not easy trying to replicate or add to such an original design and get it right, is it!

Going for a contrast is the right way I'm sure!

(It'll cost you a fortune in curtains though, so Mrs Thud will have a field day in Harrods)!

New Hampshire Wineman said...

There really is a superman!

Michael said...

By coincidence, yesterday, I found the file I kept when we had a new conservatory built here in 1997.

The quoted price was a shade under £18,000, but we eventually got a 10% discount for a quick order in January!

I think you may need to add a little more to that figure, but I'm sure you'd know this...;0)

Thud said...

Scrobs, 18 k is nothing to be sneezed at! I'm thinking about 2250 a sqm here depending on finish and what i can contribute.

Vinogirl said...

I can imagine the English rain pelting all those windows :)