Thursday, 21 November 2019

Hands off

I pay tax, quite a decent amount, I've always paid and while not happy about it I'll continue to pay at the current level. The tax plans just unveiled in the Labour manifesto means potential devastation to the future plans I have for my family as tax rises and appropriation take their toll. I have no wish to pay a single extra penny towards the malcontent turds that make up the majority of labour voters. We have enough safety nets in place here to help all members of society and I don't know why Govt should pander to the minority who can never be anything other than the spongers they are as opposed to those of us who work and produce. By labour measures that makes me heartless and an enemy of the people ( where have we heard that before?)… says the adherents of the worlds most murderous political philosophy...communism.

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Michael said...

Well said, Thud!

I get so fed up with the abuse of the safety nets you describe, and am hoping with every fibre of my grey frame, that Joe Corribin gets consigned to oblivion on Dec 12th.

We don't have a Brexit contender in T.Wells, so it'll have to be Greg Clark again, so I hope he gets it right this time.