Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Banana republic.

I,ve been reading more news from over the water...I really have to stop...as its at the same time depressing and anger inducing. I'm not sure why distance should make the news seem different but it does.The barrage of govt corruption,nulabour careerism and endemic crime seem to have given England a strong third world flavour when viewed from here.I'm not so sure anymore what I'm going back too, as the changes seem to accelerate and the decay of our institutions seems to have taken on a life of its own. Living part of my life here seems to make things worse as the contrasts between the two English speaking nations grows....its a good while till I finally leave for good but it becomes easier to contemplate every day.....sad really.I do however have a few more years of living in the paradise that England has become...so how best to survive it?..I,m open to ideas.Getting as far from a city as possible is the obvious first choice, so that's going to be the first of my tasks.I,m hoping that living out of a city and trying to discover whats left unspoilt of England may make my remaining years bearable...it sounds a bit of a moan I know, but really...its how it is...at least to me and my closest friends.

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lord roby said...

You are Harp Inn on a bit(pun intended.It looks like parking tickets are on their way up to £120 a pop!Also,a look a like agency can't find a dopple for Gordon Brown on account of his unusually large head and strange features.Seen any good looking Caribou on your travels.Also,also,Ed Balls,Min for Education wants ALL schools to be above average!!Guess someone dropped £250 grand on an education he could have got for dollar-fifty down the public library. (cf.Will-Good Will Hunting)