Sunday, 13 January 2008

You can take the boy out of Liverpool etc.

Whilst travelling down the Silverado trail in napa this week I needed to pull the hummer over to the side in a hurry.I had only been parked for a few seconds when out of the blue appeared a lycra clad tree hugging freak.Now I had forced him to perhaps lengthen his journey by 3 ft but his reaction was rather over the top.He immediately in front of all my female family members proceeded to swear at me in rather an aggressive manner...what is an Englishman to do? now whilst in America I do try to maintain an air of faint disdain for the occasional rudeness I come across...but...well...erm....the cyclist was last seen disappearing rapidly in opposite direction trying I presume to call the CHP.Eco nazis are not it seems capable of standing up to a meat eating co2 producing son of Albion...sod em!

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lord roby said...

What a lovely spend Sunday....watching eco-nazis pass away!! Hope you got his Spandex as a trophy !!!