Sunday, 27 January 2008

Beep Beep!

In the past few weeks family otw have driven several thousand miles around the highways and byways of CA and surrounding states.As an Englishman several things immediately stand out....No major road congestion,no roadworks,no traffic cams and generally an enjoyable driving experience.In the U.K. several thousand miles of driving would have made me a raging lunatic(again)....I would have spent countless hours in jams and stalled in endless roadworks and when finally moving...gatsoed,fined and banned! I have forgotten that free from over priced petrol,revenue grabbing police/traffic authorities and third world infrastructure, driving can be fun.Nulabour views drivers as cash cows and as enemies of society...simultaneously apparently...don't they want our money? Cars are an integral part of our lives...both personal and economic...modern life without private ownership of vehicles would destroy every aspect of society....or perhaps nulabours drive for third world status takes this into account....mind you..the view through tinted windows in the chauffeured limo of govt ministers probably wouldn't be too bad....would it?

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DirtCrashr said...

What's also fun is to rent a car you'd never buy, and drive it like hell for a couple days. :-)
75 coming down Emigrant Gap? Ha! I was doing 90 last time in the old truck because it wouldn't go any faster.