Monday, 28 January 2008

Long live the king/queen.

Obama for president...well for this week at least...last week it was Hillary...I think. As an Englishman I find the whole election process here fascinating,amusing and ultimately uplifting. .I know Americans view the whole process with a mixture of disbelief and boredom but its infinitely better than the sham over the water.We now have a leader we never voted for (yes I know we don't directly vote for the P.M.)...a leader who is in fact signing away England's sovereign rights as rapidly as possible. England from this distance seems a place to be pitied as the nation sleepwalks into extinction as an independent entity and as the govt,media and various do gooders destroy whats left of our national culture...its harder to return every time. I can understand why so many Brits have left in the last few years,who wouldn't if possible?The emergence of "white flight" is also understandable(and heartily deplored by nulabour movers and shakers)..heaven forbid decent people of all colours would flee the war zones inner city England has spawned......oh dear!...another bottle of cab franc I think.....where is vinogirl when you need her?

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't you mean "P G Wodehouse"?