Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Capital of culture?

Liverpools turn as European capital of culture is now a week old and according to local press its already achieving great things..such as? From here(California) I cant see anything in the headlines other than shootings..perhaps arguments regarding modern art can get a bit heated.I have lived most of my life in Liverpool and for a long time I loved the city dearly.The last few years as it has been rebuilt have given me some mixed feelings though.I understand that the city needs to grow and change in order to thrive...but I do miss the city I wandered through on so many wet grey days.I could walk from my flat to the city centre through roads full of semi derelict georgian and victorian properties both residential and commercial.Now they are all apartments(flats are to old Liverpool) and restaurants..progress I know but I do feel that what made liverpool scouse is rapidly diminishing.Perhaps the view from over the water is now the best way to view the old girl.

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monkey said...

i would have to agree. walking through the city on a grey cold wet january wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt for the ever present cranes, workman and scaffolding that hang off the city. i do believe that the city did need some work however for the amount of work going on in the city it just seems to much in a very short space of time. i can only imagine the delays and touch ups that will be needed on what i feel to be a rush job.
i think the price of capital of culture could actually take the culture itself out of the city. it is already losing its character and starting to feel a little like manchester. god help us.