Monday, 7 January 2008

Off to work we go.

I have spent the morning here online and on phone trying to get work started in U.K. I never cease to marvel at the difference between the American and British work ethic. I know some Brits work realy hard, but the creeping belief that work is to be avoided by any means is killing us.Mind you I suppose my extended holiday means I,m a classic case of pot calling kettle!...for my sins I have to help dispose of a huge oak that fell during the storm here,so I will feel that even though unpaid I will be doing something constructive...well destructive anyway!

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monkey said...

back to work myself today mate although its more like crowd control, 27 hypo kids that have returned to school after a diet of fizzy pop and tins of celebrations. if its said that the US has really bad diets they really do need to look at what our brit kids eat.
id cut up an oak any day compared to the first day back to school after Christmas. and im sure the weather is better than this dreary grey mess that over shadows Liverpool.