Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Safe as houses?

Lots more housing news today on both sides of the water for me to worry over.In the U.k. conditions in the market are supposed to be the worst since 1992....oh dear! The last few years have been rather good to people involved in property so I suppose now that the market has turned I may as well be thankful for the years of growth and just hope I,m good enough at my job to weather the storm.Having to sit tight for a couple of years will be a pain as I really want to move on to new projects.Coincidentally the bank has been in touch asking does our company wish to borrow more money...Ha! much for lending crisis! I must admit though, it is tempting to buy whilst things are on the downward the states mind you..not U.K. Sod that for as lark!...I just dont have any confidence in Brownie and his gang being able to get us out of the looming financial disaster that passes as the U.K. economy nowadays. Couple the financial situation with all the planning restrictions in U.K. then I think if I am to start new projects then America seems to get the vote.

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