Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Techno techno techno!

I've been talking today to my friend Bo today about setting up a wired/wireless home today.He lives in Silicon Valley (in a silicon house?) for us non techno mortals that makes him near god like...or at least smarter than the average scouser Bo Bo!! Within seconds the discourse had gone over my head and I need to slowly go through the info he provided ,with Mrs otw...the smart one of adult family otw( princess otw may already be smarter than me).I would like in future to integrate my P.C. with everything possible from entertainment, to management of alternative power systems such as heat pumps etc. I'm always sure that the solution to any tech problem is out there..just bang away on the Internet thingy and all your questions will be answered....wont they? To a layman such as myself it just seems daft that simple solutions to projects such as mine are not available...if they are available...I just don't understand.I just do not have the time to learn all the arcane lore needed to figure out what I I don't want to pay a geek a fortune to cobble together some half arsed system that will crash as soon as numpty here trys to use it.If I come and build you a house its pretty easy to understand the process and I,m happy to guarantee it will be around for longer than Bo...sort it out will you!

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DirtCrashr said...

OMG I recognize all that ancient equipment, if not the software...
My buddy Kev (also a Brit in Silicon Valley) has his own house-server and can access it wirelessly through his laptop as he moves about the house, course he uses Linux...It's all very do-able these days.