Friday, 1 February 2008

Right tool,right job.

When working in Vinogirls I often walk past the above pictured cabinet.To most Americans I doubt it would rate much of a second glance...but to most Brits...its full of evil guns...Evil I Tell Ya! The owner Vinomaker views them pretty much the way I do...a collection of heirlooms and death dealing murder machines that according to liberal media, instantly negate a persons ability to tell right from wrong thus freeing you from responsibility of your criminal actions. I was once a member of a pretty ordinary gun club in England...a place to chat with like minded individuals after a session happily punching paper.Then came Dunblane and I plus other members...doctors,policemen and other desperados where all viewed as potential mass murderers (before 10 years of nulabour gave that some credence).....problem more children shot and we all lived happily ever after....ermmmm!...except we didnt.I hope one day I can resume my hobby and be treated as an individual capable of owning and operating just another tool(or work of art..your pick!)...then Mrs otw can see how much fun it is making things go boom...princess otw too when old enough!


monkey said...

being from the sticks i grew up with family and friends owning guns and at weekends i would go shooting with them (my parents would never let me have a Rifle). so much fun getting up early walking around the fields shooting rabbits and sorts those were great weekends and alot better than my misspent youth hanging round the streets drinking causing trouble and looking very untidy. then as you say nulabour interfered and the opportunity to go hunting stopped so i guess it gave more time to go out at weekends to get pissed and do some drugs. great idea!!

DirtCrashr said...

So, a 30-30 or is that a Daisy, a Marlin-something heavier (.335?), a Beretta? O/U, some kind of rolling-block, a 22-plinker? and another scattergun? Needs an M1 Garand in there! :-)

thud said...

thats a close enough guess at whats in the for M1...if I get my way here in future I will start with M1 and work my way upwards.