Friday, 22 February 2008

Baghdad broadcasting corporation

The B.B.C. are yet again proving just how much they and their nulabour friends love the British military by embarking on another groundless witch hunt at the behest of activist lawyers and our foriegn enemies.It seems that the Iraqi jhadis can't beat the British soldier on the battlefield but with the help of various traitors in the B.B.C. etc they can give him a hard time in a compliant media and in the courts. I'm not sure why anybody would give creedance to the Iraqi survivors..they were trying to kill our troops so they are not exactly impartial witnessess are they? the spectre of compensation needs to be considered.The evidence seems besides their statements to consist of evidence concerning the mutilated remains of the jihadi bodies...mutilated in this case meaning purposely.These terrorists died in a firefight at the hands of British soldiers wielding modern weaponry...what do people expect? the B.B.C. no doubt the jihadis go to their 72 virgins intact and with a smile on their faces.In reality we send them to hell in tattered pieces....bombs and bullets do that.......poor little lambs....naughty British Tommies.


DirtCrashr said...

Our media is busy doing the same kneecapping and backstabbing at every turn, they learned in Activism-101 at Socialist-school.

phlegmfatale said...

If today's media were in place during WWII, You'd be speaking German today and we'd be speaking Japanese. They are completely wrong-headed and need to be seriously re-formed. Thank goodness for the great equalizer effect of the internet in which we can find the facts for ourselves and not be simply spoonfed their self-loathing politically-correct propaganda.