Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Burning bridges.

So much for super tuesday!....lots of noise and no real result...oh well, on with the next show.It does seem however that McCain is getting closer to nomination judging by the attacks on him from Republicans.I know his history of voting,I know about his relations with other Reps,I know about his friendship with various dems...and? I read about suicide voters and I read about abstainers who reckon a period in the wilderness would do the Reps good.We are at war,we..the west are in an economic war with a resurgent Russia and an emerging China (India too?)...our struggle with islam and various crazies (hello Chavez) will no doubt spread and intensify...and?well it seems hatred of McCain means that some Reps are contemplating handing over possibly the next 8 years to Hillary or Obama!....nothing..nothing McCain MAY do compares to what either those two WILL do. I'm English, I do not get to vote but please..remember your vote effects us all...hold your nose if you have to..but support McCain.

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Putz said...

what about a hundred year war that we might have with mccain...don't you feel bad that all that money won't go to ME and instead goes to a big black hole?