Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Over the water.

Family otw arrived back in england today after the usual gruelling struggle that international travel has become.I must say a special thank you to the security at S.F. airport. The vigilant defenders of Americas freedom subjected my elderly infirm Liverpool Irish catholic mother to an extensive scan and search,something that leaves her more than a little put out....now I know security is important nowadays what with suicidal/homicidal christians lurking at every turn but get a grip folks...you may..I just say may..be looking at the wrong demographic.Surely the security folks have a handbook?...with little pictures?...notice any differences between my mum and a bomber?... the above pic may help,my mother would be the one holding a glass of cognac..not a rifle....but we cant have any profiling can we?....lets just mess everybody up equaly...heavens forbid we may annoy you know who!

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