Sunday, 3 February 2008


I spent last day in Napa yesterday before my leaving for good old blighty on sunday...bollocks! The day consisted of helping Vinomaker rid his land of the plague that seems to haunt him...the rest of us call them trees. All in all it was a pleasant day as winter in Napa isnt exactly onerous....downright balmy to tell the truth.The various trips upto Napa have given me the information I need to make a desicion as to the type of project house I'm looking for and where in the valley I want to a succesful trip. The whole trip has been made more interesting by the acccelerating political process,endless fun to be had watching professional pols turning sommersaults for the public. The differences between everyday life in America and that over the water was cast into stark relief more than ever.Americans may not feel as free or rich or safe as they once where..but in contrast to U.K. its still a veritable paradise..well for me anyway. But as all good things must come to an end I am ready for getting back to an England that seems more beleaguered than ever, a prospect made slightly easier by the people I will see again and the little things one misses when away...footie results while eating scouse on a saturday takes some beating..once a scouser etc!

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