Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Doctor doctor please!

Most people in Liverpool have fond memories of Alder Hey children's hospital.Children and hospitals arn't a good mix...nobody wants to have the two mentioned together...but...sometimes it happens.I think this however is about to make most people have an even more traumatic time and something needs to be done to reassure parents immediately.Some things are beyond child...any child's health should not for one instant be compromised by the habits of mo's death cult and its third world savages....this is beyond politics...these are sick children..not pawns in islams assault on England.


Jimmy Lee Shreeve said...

What we've got here is a no brainer. The risk is MRSA and other nasty infections. So the deal in hospitals has to be a semblance of rationalism, rather than religious belief.

Unless you're being treated by a shaman, medicine is based on rationalism. And this doesn't mix with religion.

So those who object to uncovering in the interests of hygiene probably need to leave their religion at the front door of the hospital. Perhaps they could utter a brief prayer, "Allah forgive me", then uncover, and get down to learning medicine.

This kind of stuff doesn't even merit debating. People are either willing to do what is necessary to practise medicine, or they're not... if they're not, then they need to find another career.

monkey said...

this is just typical of where this country is heading. earlier this month we have the archbishop wanting to introduce sharia law which totally contradicts his own religion and now we have the NHS relaxing it rules on hygiene to ensure they dont offend muslims. dont worry about the parents/peoples lives they ruin oh yeah these are the people who pay your wages too.
how do we know that these muslims want to help us non believers, as it does say in their book that we should die a horrible death, im pretty sure it doesnt say in their book affer non believers help and heal them from illness.
dont trust a muzzer in a white coat full stop.

DirtCrashr said...

That is insane, and the fact that they even call themselves the "Islamic Medical Association" is ridiculous.