Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Dutch courage.

The recent outage of youtube caused by the Pakistani govt being offended has caused somewhat of a stir lately due to the shock at something as popular as you tube just disappearing. Pakistan doesn't seem bothered that it caused problems worldwide..why should it?..holy Mo has to be protected doesn't he? The cause of their concern has however been mainly overlooked...something that will soon I'm sure be amended.The Dutch politician Geert Wilders is releasing a short film soon about Islam and the Koran and somehow I don't think after its release Mr.wilders is going to be unknown for long.Given the history of film makers and islam in Holland Mr.Wilders is a very brave man.He has been called needlessly provocative amongst other things..maybe..but that's the world we choose to live in..those that will no doubt want to kill and destroy as a result of the film have to be taught this..one way or another.More artists,film makers and politicians need to stand up and be counted...he should not stand alone.

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