Friday, 8 February 2008

The wicked wind.

Today was spent putting up scaffolding and checking out damage on various roofs...not my idea of a great day but it needed doing.I was repeatedly told whilst over the water in America that the weather had been windy and seems the storms in CA where only tiddlers compared to here. Part of the problem is the houses are Victorian and Georgian...which means tall houses with complicated roof structures...perfect for catching wind and rain. So its out with the lead,slate and felt every time the weather clears and up those bloody ladders.If I was of a leftish disposition I would perhaps muse on the fact that over last few years I've noticed that weather damage seems to be getting worse...and you know what that means! I'm happy to put it down to general climate change and just get on with my work without moaning on about global warming blah blah.As well as doing repairs we are also increasing the capacity of the rainwater future a greater magnitude of water can be shed with consequently less damage.Now that means that...I dont need bribing or threatening by the govt to take action and also I can cope with change(accidental or otherwise) without sending the west back to living in yurts and riding donkeys!....rather big of me dont you think!

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