Thursday, 27 March 2008


Whenever I feel rather too much anger at the idiots who rule and ruin this country I have a few methods for reducing my agitation level and so save Mrs OTW from another rant (answered with a pitying smile). One of my escapist tricks is to drive down to a little village nearby called Shotwick.Shotwick is one of those magical places that time seems to have looked upon and having blessed it..moved on by. There is once you travel down a small trackway a collection of houses,a church,vicarage and and manor house. The track in the picture runs past the graveyard and on down to where once there was a port...used by Henry the second as the embarkation point on his invasion of Wales.It doesn't take much to hear the tramp of feet,the jingle of armour and the cursing of the English bowmen.....well..not much if you are me and surrounded by stone and silence.....more pictures to come.


Major Combs said...

Thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I loved my five years in England at RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk, and I'm sorry to see the changes for the worse since then. I think you would enjoy some of my stories, like this one about living in The Coach and Horses, Melton, Suffolk:

We live in Gualala now, but used to live in Walnut Creek, Dublin, and Livermore, not far from your Mt. Diablo home.

I'm looking forward to reading your other posts as time permits.

phlegmfatale said...

Shotwick looks perfectly charming. Nice to have a retreat.