Saturday, 29 March 2008

Why bother?

Britain despite the efforts of liberals to break down the structure of society is still a society that believes in law and order.People still believe that we all at least try to play by the rules and struggle against adversity together,then along come incidents like this and people think ..why?...why do I bother?...why bother doing anything correctly and legally? I build and I have to jump through hoops and pay large amounts of my own money to do anything...including creating jobs etc...and these people?.....more garbage that play an easily conned system and make us all wonder where it will end. I think next time I want to get planning permission I'll just put on my best Irish brogue,claim tinkerhood and dig away!


phlegmfatale said...

There's a group that moves their caravan around the USA and just sets up in random rural farms and they are human debris. I'm guessing they've been avoiding the backwoods of the south, though, because they might set down in some place one day where they'll be met with a little more than dirty looks.

Lin said...

Good Heavens - makes Rat Town look legit by comparison.
We have previously found that there really is such a thing as 'too much information' in some matters though.