Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Puppet on a string.

It looks like Ahmadinejad's South American puppet Hugo is making the move most tuppenny dictators finally make...defending the homeland against the evil outsider. Losing the vote on the constitution really hurt Hugo (lunatic dictators in the making are very very sensitive little souls) last year so now its prove your manhood time..plus maybe declaring a state of emergency?...always handy when elections are not going your way. Hugo doesn't even have to go through with declaring war...the very threat distracts attention from Iran's nuclear ambitions and has the happy side effect of putting oil prices up for both Venezuela and Iran. Obama no doubt would be prepared to have a chat with Hugo mano a mano whilst our Gordo probably doesn't even know what is happening as he is too busy saving his imploding government.At a time when the world is becoming everyday more volatile our government is the least capable in living memory...mind you, seeing as we are actually ruled from Brussels we probably have nothing to worry about....do we?

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Lovely couple.