Friday, 11 April 2008

Home is where the heart is.

Above is a picture of the entrance to Lyme Park Cheshire..made famous in the B.B.C. production of Pride and prejudice (so the women in the family tell me). The house is essentially an Elizabethan house that was remodelled as an Italianate pallazzo in the 18th century. Set hard up against the hills of the Peak District it is a beautiful house well sited in a quite austere landscape although the Italian styling does leave it feeling a little stranded in the northern British gloom. I do enjoy visiting houses such as this as the architecture and workmanship is always capable of surprise and delight.I do however feel that a house even as grand as this when separated from a living family is somehow a much diminished place...just a collection of stone that was once a home.Returning home to my much humbler abode is always a pleasure...Mrs and Princess OTW are what make it so...brilliant!


Dreamer girl said...

How cool, I love Pride and Prejudice. You have been to some cool places.
Dreamer girl

Trubes said...

What a lovely depiction of Lyme park OTW. Darling Trubes (Husband) and I are going to visit it soon, perhaps in a couple of weeks, when the weather settles a bit..

P.S. I`ve left you a message o your Jerusalem post!