Sunday, 13 April 2008

So much hate.

It is reported that the terror threat to Britain from home grown terrorists is increasing every year.The govt flounders around trying to introduce yet more laws on top of more laws all of which never seem to address the real problem....islam in Britain. Britain is home to many communities of immigrants all of which have problems to one degree or another...all however seem to be trying to do their best to integrate and make the best of what this country has to offer.England's muslim population seems to harbour an ever increasing number of adherents who wish to kill and maim their fellow Brits in as large a number as possible.The govt and cowardly media need to address this problem now..and address it with no fear of accusations of racism etc...islam is not a race...its a political system disguised as a religion...a system that does not and will not ever work within the framework of a western democracy.I love Britain and all it contains but I am angry at my fellow citizens that wish to harm us all...regardless of our colour or political the govt and liberal elite think we will sit around and wait to be slaughtered forever?...British people are a tolerant race..we just wish to run our lives with as little fuss as possible..what race or religion my neighbour is doesn't really concern me as we are usually dealing with the same,family neighbour planning to destroy my society and hurt my family is something altogether too important to be left to the emasculated nulabour drones and their fellow travellers in the media...gordo and nulabour should read a little history...the British people will not be cowed forever and when roused are as fierce a people that ever existed...and still are.

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Catmoves said...

We're all in the same boat. And yet, since I know a number of Muslims personally, I have found that it is apparently only one sect causing all this nonsense and finding it necessary to kill children and babies.