Friday, 18 April 2008

Socialist Hero?

I'm just watching crazy Bob Mugabe on T.V. giving a speech about Evil Britain and its machinations (nice word bob) in Zimbabwe. Bob...take it easy!...Gordo can't even do anything in his own country...what makes you think he can do anything in yours? The reporter continues, showing various talking heads telling us how back in 1980 Bob was such a promising of us dontcha know!...and now they are all surprised and disappointed.Well I'm sorry but I'm neither!...bob was and is a murderer...a couple of interviews in the Guardian don't make you a democrat. As for colonial guilt and our shameful past...sorry...I don't suffer from that either.It would be nice if the surrounding African countries could step in and save the poor suffering inhabitants of Bob's socialist nightmare...but really...Is Thabo going to do that?... dear dear,where would it end?


Jack Bauer said...

Hey fellow scouser... thanks for posting on my Hollycrud!

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DirtCrashr said...

"Colonial Guilt" is the same race-baiting lever that Jesse Jackson and other shakedown artists use to extract money and promises of more money... It's B.S. as far as I can tell, and Mugabe has ruined an entire nation and turned it into hopeless mush.