Monday, 21 April 2008

Say it ain't so Boris.

The final stages of the London Mayoral elections are now producing a flurry of last minute initiatives and quotes from the three major contenders. Its not an unusual tactic to identify various voter groups and then try to placate and mollify them...but Boris Has for me joined the ranks of the wilfully blind when he made this statement. I presume members of his electoral team had a quiet word and made sure that he joined the ranks of those that parrot the tired old line about moderate muslims and people not reading the koran correctly. Boris...who are you kidding? don't believe it...I don't believe it and I'm pretty sure millions more of your fellow Londoners and Brits don't. Unlike other election fluff it is something that does harm to us raises false consciousness as to just who and what presents a danger to the very people who you wish to vote for Brave where right the first time.

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monkey said...

typical he now shows he has no balls just like the rest of them. when will their be someone who will stick up for us and our country. as soon as any of these idiots get close to a sniff of power they become muzzer lovers.