Monday, 14 April 2008

Thats entertainment.

As the present British govt winds down in the usual deluge of fraud, incompetence stories and exposes, the presidential race over the water is really hotting up.Barry O it seems has yet again put his elitist foot into his holier than thou mouth and breathed life into Shrillary's moribund campaign.McCain is still sitting back and interjecting a little to add fuel on the fire when needed...why strain yourself when the opposition is doing all the campaigning for you? A while back I was positive that the Dems would be guaranteed the Whitehouse as the Republican party seemed to be in total disarray with no real hope of overcoming the medias campaign of defeatism that would sweep hilderbeast or Obamessiah into power.Then came the surge and its renewal of hope in victory...Americans don't like to lose.....and things didn't seem so clear cut. Now a few months later I'm hoping that the good people of the country I dearly love and will eventually live in will see through the machinations of the increasingly desperate dems and vote for a leader that will renew America's place in the world as the tower of freedom and hope it truly is. Plus on a lighter note...this really is the best show in has everything to keep us all entertained for months to come yet.


phlegmfatale said...

True, the Dems are putting on quite the obnoxious display this time around. I've been bouncing and giggling like a schoolgirl for months now. I hope they can keep it up.

DirtCrashr said...

They have assumed the most minimal of their classic attack position, which is to stand in a circle firing upon each other - now it's bare-bones code duello!

Catmoves said...

I particularly like the sight of what should have been an over and done with election by now, in the shambles of gigantic egos being flawed and ripped daily.
And I still pray for a "None of the above" square on the ballot.