Monday, 12 May 2008


Whilst we in the west worry and argue about which set of useless politicians we will elect next, the war against Islamism grinds on.This article shows that the threat that is Islamism never just raises its head and strikes in a new area. these people the Druze are no real friends of the west..yet neither are they enemies and as such should be supported in their efforts to survive and participate in a democratic country.Hezballah is placing itself in the position as the defacto power in Lebanon regardless who sits in its parliament and as such becomes more of a threat to Israel and the west at large.Iran and its allies are two steps ahead of us in their efforts to create a power bloc that will rival the free democratic nations...Lebanon should not be abandoned..the fight against the resurgent islamo Nazis is being fought as we sit today....we need to support the democratic government in Lebanon with more than the words of W.S.Churchill..."action this day"

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