Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another peaceful day with the religion of peace.

The picture above of a bearded murderer is I admit similar to the other bearded murderer picture I posted a few days ago but stick with me for a minute.This bearded murderer takes his orders from the does the other...lets try again.This bearded murderer is Iran's proxy in murdering his is the other.Right lets try one last time...this bearded murderer hides in a hole in the ground whilst his followers kill and get killed...ermmm!...we all know where this is going don't we. The religion of peace in conjunction with Iran seems to be able to produce bearded maniacs by the thousand (gaza anyone?) and yet again they have started their usual orgy of death and destruction ...all in the name of peace...kind of strange way to go about showing how compassionate a religion is I'd say.I suppose I should not get too bothered this time as it seems to be yet again muslims killing muslims...saves us the effort I suppose, but I do think that Lebanon has the potential to be a great nation and deserves to be free of all foreign influence.Perhaps if the west and various Arab nations can be bothered to stand firm and help the govt of Lebanon then perhaps the march of Iran and its islamo facist lackeys will be defeated......if not I may grow a beard.

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