Sunday, 4 May 2008

I need a doctor.

My experiences of Britain's N.H.S. has until the recent birth of my daughter been rather nonexistent luckily for me.Other members of my family have had decent experiences rather like my own recent involvement so I am not really able to comment firsthand as to the quality of Britain's socialised medical system.I do know that economically it is a huge draw on public funds and seems rather patchy service wise, with no overall direction and quality/cost control. This story in the N.H.S. loving beeb caught my eye as they are usually very careful not to be critical of the system and the abusers(minorities) in question here.Like many people I begrudgingly pay my taxes in the belief that I am benefiting society as a whole and as such the burden of tax becomes ever so slightly more bearable.The thought however that part of my hard earned money is going to treat those not eligible who also show such contempt for the system undermines the whole case for funding a socialised medical system.If one had to pay at point of contact(vouchers or cash) then this abuse would be quickly stopped....and not a moment too soon...and yes...I have no sympathy for these poor creatures that apparently can afford international travel in order to steal medical services from the people of Britain...theft is theft.

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Daniel Barlow said...

i stood in a long line to have a tb test for coughing up blood, and there was a fellow in back of me holding a rag over a bloody eye and i said what happened and he said i had a iron rebar rammed in my eye and i said they have no way to treat you first???you can have my spot, but on the other side my friend had colds all the time and he paid 20 pounds to the doc and the doc said have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and he said what??? the doc said look at yourself, his nose had been broken and all the virus swished into his nose missing all the silica because of the angle...what a genius