Sunday, 4 May 2008


It seems the Sunday Times of London is vying with the New York times to be the newspaper of record for terrorists and their enabling left wing scum in the media.This article is so full of pro terrorist propaganda and Anti coalition nonsense that it defies belief...every terrorist is a brave fighter and apparently every shot fired by the coalition invariably kills women and strange? The reporter also whilst reporting on a military conflict quite obviously would not know one end of a gun from the other...I will leave it to readers to spot the obvious mistakes...barring the great line...24years old...young to be a sniper...priceless! As I have written before I have pretty much given up on a lifetime of buying a daily newspaper with the Sunday Times for various reasons being my final foothold in the world of print media. If the Times continues to publish this rancid pro terrorist propaganda then I guess that's just one more reader they can't lie to anymore.

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monkey said...

I have to say Thud, i would stop buying it now. It disgusting that while he is being lead round by these terrorists as they fire on our own his colleagues report on our injured service men returning home.
makes me sick, this kind of media is bordering on betrayal.