Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Multi cultural.

Sometimes when one reads of a terrible crime the wish for retribution beyond our inadequate justice system is overwhelming.This guy is a perfect example,only accused of course but guilty as hell and no doubt experiencing that very place right now. London...the venue for both of these crimes is touted as a wonderful multicultural city,full of the experiences that a city full of third world refugees can bring. The chattering classes are excised at the moment by the terrible toll that murders amongst teenagers is having on the multicultural paradise that Britain's historic capital has become.The truth of the matter is that the murders are carried out by mainly black teenagers on black teenagers, but attacking the root causes of this death cult is in pc Britain pretty much impossible. Instead of instilling the host culture in these teenagers we have imported the worst of their parent culture whether African or Jamaican which when mixed with western gang culture becomes such a potent deadly mix. I suppose for the liberal media its easier to talk about racism etc when its not their children being murdered as opposed to tackling the problems in Britain's black population. One day the government and society at large is going to have to tackle the fact that not all cultures are equal...but I will not hold my breath waiting.


monkey said...

Wasn't it the ex mayor of London who said the cause for all the teenage murders in London was the white folk.
Hmmmmm he must be colour blind or he needs to take his Hijab off to see better.
Never mind Boris is here to save the day.

Trubes said...

I so agree with all you say OTW; It makes depressing reading and all cultures are not the same nor equal.
The death penalty should be brought back. That would deter the murderous little sods.

regards from the other side of the water!


Trubes said...

Off Topic Thud, but have we met before in the blogosphere perchance? Your writing reminds me of somebody I used to know, on a no ,closed down site.

Anyway your writing is very good and I am enjoying it!

if you are who i think you are e-mail me and confesss....he he!

Thud said...

Trubes...fraid not!...I'm a first time blogger.