Thursday, 15 May 2008

I'm scary...honest!

Zawahiri, the bearded lunatic mouthpiece of osama bin dead seems to spend a lot of his quality time in his cave making dozens of threatening tapes for the consumption of his frustrated closet homosexual followers lurking in the more depraved sections of our society.I suppose life surrounded by goats and dysentery is rather trying for erstwhile rulers of a muslim world but the threats are really becoming quite tedious and pathetic.I don't think there is anything that he hasn't threatened in his increasingly desperate rants.Now it seems the 2008 football tournament is at threat...yawn! It is my daughters first birthday next month...we are having a party...cake,jelly,balloons...the usual fun stuff...I am expecting a fatwa at the least...if not I'll be disappointed.


Black Sheep said...

That IS Herpes on his forehead, isn't it?

Actually, mooslums get those red sores from smacking their heads on the hard stone floor when they're bobbing up and down praying. Truth. But in his case it's more likely herpes, either that or hitting that big jeweled medallion that rests below Osamas belly button.

A month away yet? Talk about your advance announcements. What a party animal you are. :-)

I hope a wonderful time is had by all.

monkey said...

This fella is as scary as the tramp that plays a cardboard guitar in liverpool city center.
Looking forward to the party, ten bellies is even more excited at the thought of cake and jelly.

Thud said...

I forgot about 10 bellies...I'd better stock up!

Putz said...

a fatwa, i hear that expression when i was in india for 5 years