Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Rainbow nation

The U.N. is at present sending its race relations representative to America to check on the alarming outbreak of racism that has been directed at Obamessiah.The fact that this increasingly wealthy man has risen to within inches of becoming president seems to have escaped the folks at the U.N. plus his privileged education and that of his wife....America is a failure even at racism it seems...can't even keep it's own minorities down,it lets them get rich and run the country.Meanwhile back in South Africa the worlds favourite rainbow nation the locals are indulging in a little racist/ethnic cleansing of their own.Not content with letting crazy Bob destroy his own nation the lovely people of South Africa are now burning refugees alive. I may be being a little slow here but perhaps the U.N. needs to try and understand that perhaps it's not just us white folks in the west that are tainted with racism...yes I know that people are discriminated against here sometimes but lets face it we haven't taken to using the charming practise of necklacing on our minorities.In fact we give them houses,benefits and all the comforts our nations can provide...what a bunch of rotters we are hey?

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phlegmfatale said...

Chilling the irony.