Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Showdown in Crewe

The democratic parties race for a presidential candidate has been the most interesting news of a political nature that I have been following lately.Tomorrow however promises something equally interesting in the English political English by election.Not just any election mind you...the first by election that the Conservative party may win from labour in a generation.If the Conservatives win tomorrow then gordo and the whole nulabour edifice will finally receive its notice to quit regardless of how they or the BBC spin the loss. This profile of the nulabour candidate just shows the type of person who now represents the left in England...a careerist,fake socialist,elitist professional public funding sponge, in other words a model politician for the new Britain created by the traitors in the nulabour/EU paradise we live in. Tomorrow night is I hope going to be a night of celebration in the OTW household....cheers!

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Putz said...

so i guess you know your gordon brown;s visit to america was a disappoi ntment to me, he and bush ought to go on an lds mission together