Saturday, 17 May 2008

Uncivil war

As time grows closer to my return to California I have been paying close attention to the ongoing battle for the Democratic party presidential nomination. I have enjoyed the battle between the two major contenders and I'm hoping it will continue to the convention so I can enjoy the extended coverage in America. One thing that immediately leaps out though is how the elected nominee will heal the rift that the race question has opened in the democratic party. I'm not sure if hilderbeast has played the race card in any overt way as I'm sure many of her supporters genuinely like her and don't like what they have seen of obamarama and his racist pastor. But to the cult like followers of the obamessiah it must be for one reason and one reason only...the whites voting for shrillary are to a man (and woman)...racist! The fact that over 90% of black voters are for Barry seems to have escaped liberal it because they alone recognise his genius in such great numbers,or is it because black voters will vote for a black before anybody...erm isn't that racist?...not to liberals apparently as only working class white people fit that particular bill. The democratic party needs to think hard about what they are doing to the voters now being cast as they wish to inflict a guilt trip on these people in the hope that they will swing behind their chosen one? I for one hope the decent blue collar workers of America stay at home when the new messiah calls...after all why would he want the vote of a racist?

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Putz said...

thud, i am so sure that mcain and his hundred year war wghich has been reduced to 5 years now will make what you have just posted meaningless