Friday, 16 May 2008

True Brit 3.

65 years ago today Guy Penrose Gibson v.c. led a raid into the heart of fascist Germany (note to liberals,these where real fascists...not Bush!) Using new technology in perilous circumstances a blow was dealt that further reduced the capacity of the Nazi regime to wage earlier shock and awe if you will. Guy Gibson and his comrades fought without pause to keep the democratic west free and to free the conquered nations of Europe.Gibson owned, as many pilots did, a dog...the dog in reference to its colour was called nigger...a name from an earlier age without the negative connotations of today.We are lucky that people of that era just wanted to win the war and he would have been sent for numerous career killing cultural awareness courses,his crime outweighing his prowess as a warrior. Britain in its time of need has often produced such men and still does today.Guy Gibson did not survive to see freedom triumph.

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monkey said...

The dog part of the article reminds me of my grandfather, he use to have a black dog when i was about 15 and he use to stand at the end of his path calling nigger back as it did his business. no one took offence but then this was in the stick and things are different there.