Thursday, 12 June 2008


Family OTW will soon be leaving for our extended stay in America and as a result expectations are rising and plans are being laid. Vinogirl has informed me that we have been invited to a friends Independence day celebrations up in Napa. July the 4th is a bit of a problem for a confirmed Brit as myself...just what does one do? Do I sit in a darkened room raising a toast to George the 3rd and rue the loss of the colonies? Do I venture forth and in no way acknowledge that it even happened...after all.....king George may have given up but my family don't quit! Or do I introduce Princess OTW into the celebration of an event that launched the greatest nation on earth? I think the latter as I have a distinct feeling that one day the United States of America will be the Princess' adopted nation and I want her to understand just why she will be celebrating. Plus I have to admit,beer, burgers and it being Napa fine wine makes for a great day....anyway...Georgie boy was German after all.


BobG said...

I'd say to celebrate it in whatever fashion suits you; this is America, after all.
If you ever get over to the Salt Lake City area let me know.

DirtCrashr said...

Fireworks are the traditional means of celebration but the dangerous California fire-conditions don't support it, so go shooting instead!

Bou said...

This post made me laugh!

Mmm... it is celebratory, but its not like you think. Its not a 'We Hate the Brits!' type celebration. It may have started that way 200 hundred years ago, but I think I speak for most Americans that we view the British citizens as brothers and sisters.

As a matter of fact, very few Americans will acknowledge what the holiday was about. Its more of a celebration of our freedom, appreciation, from everything we've done... including WWII. Its a big fun picnic feast with fireworks...

Just have fun! :)