Friday, 13 June 2008

True Brit 7

Britain like many nations is beset by problems caused by mass immigration causing tensions and in some cases violence between the natives and the newcomers. I like many Brits am unhappy with the way in which our govt has without any consultation with the people of Britain changed our country beyond all recognition with the adding of millions of people in an unprecedented short time frame.The left who have an agenda involving destroying the nation and its customs reply to any complaint with the usual cry of "racist!' whereas in fact most Brits are tolerant people only too ready to welcome those who arrive and fully join our society and in some way contribute to the good of.Private Johnson Beharry V.C. is a prime example of a foreign born individual who has become unquestionably a true Brit.Instead of demanding from the state and complaining of discrimination this man went and fought and gave more than anyone could ever ask....and for that he is rewarded and appreciated by all...regardless of his racist of us.

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Firehand said...

Hell yes, Beharry is the kind of immigrant you want to come to your nation. Tough, brave, capable... people like that, what's not to like?