Saturday, 14 June 2008

Going gothic 3

My ongoing project to produce a set of Gothic barge(verge) boards is starting to reach fruition.the picture above shows one of the boards plus the central finial that will project both above and below the boards.The last major job is to cut and mount a number of fleur de lys on the wavy edge of the boards and then position them on the cottage.It has been an interesting project made more fun by my complete ignorance of equilateral triangle...erm...whats that? I do enjoy producing an architectural piece that seems nowadays to be disappearing at a great rate.Whenever I see a Victorian house(quite a few near me) any that still have boards are showing signs of great distress and decay.If you own one of these homes why wouldn't you repair or replace?...they achieve the same effect as ribbons in the hair of a pretty little girl.


gregor said...

sweet. I've been thinking about barge boards on this old pile at some point, I just don't know how they would go with the existing trim and corbels. maybe something much understated, just to create some interesting shadow lines.
something to think about over the winter, if I live through this latest project.

monkey said...

some mighty fine craftsmanship there thud, its a wonder what you can do with a twig and a pocket knife.
Thats McGyver.

Black Sheep said...

Makes me seasick just looking at it.

Thud said...

Yes,you have a point there....its new additions do help with that though.

phlegmfatale said...

wow - beautiful work!