Monday, 16 June 2008

Rhodesian shame

In 1980 Britain along with the U.N. betrayed the people of Rhodesia both black and white when the country was handed over to the communist murderer Mugabe. How the left, the Beeb, Guardian writers and associated leftist garbage celebrated as another bastion of western civilisation was handed over to another African strongman. Mugabe and his comrades murdered their way to power and as equal opportunity killers they massacred all they could regardless of sex or colour. Now nearly 30 years later crazy Bob is still killing and torturing his country folk in the quest to remain in power regardless of the consequences.Rhodesia once the breadbasket of Africa is now a shell of a nation populated only by the remnants of a populace and violent retarded thugs. The only light in this terrible disaster is the dilemma that faces the aforementioned guardianistas etc...what to do? black people are lefty land a major sin..but it's black people that are killing them...whoops! Only the Armed forces of Britain or America could make a difference and for the left that is a solution too terrible to contemplate...better just let the people die.The left would like an African solution...well don't hold your breath chaps..the old communist murderer club has lots of members and they don't like to disturb the pass times of its membership.......Poor Zimbabwe...poor Rhodesia.


Black Sheep said...

When there's little or no profit to be made, what can you expect? Rhodesia had farms run by white people. Once the white people were booted out, and the shops were looted, and the economy totally collapsed, where's the profit in putting things right again when all the Africa First and Africa for Africans morons don't want it anyway? African blacks can not run countries. They have proven this in absolutely every single case where they've been given countries to run. What they do instead is get into tribal wars after they've destroyed all the infrastructure that was created by white people. They take their nations right back to the days before white men, back to anarchy and misery, wars, starvation, plagues...

Whites took advantage of Africa and looted the continent of its mineral wealth. Now they're out and the Yellows are doing it. Some people other than native blacks will always be looting Africa simply because the natives can't break free of many thousands of years of tribal ethnicity. They just can't wrap their minds around the European point of view.

The Chinese can, and have, which is why they're taking over in Africa now.

Putz said...

once a person gets a little authority as they suppose, they begin to exercise unrigtheous dominian over thier fellow man, it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, say amen to their power and authoroity