Thursday, 26 June 2008

Happy Birthday Nelson

The world..well the liberal and idiot world is celebrating this week the 90th birthday of St.Nelson Mandela ,in an orgy of luvvie hugs and kisses. Who am I to be so curmudgeonly to ignore such a great event...after all..the man wears such snazzy shirts so he must be nice! So in the spirit of friendship I say "Happy birthday Nelson you cuddly old murderous Communist terrorist"....who says I'm bitter?


Putz said...

now something i can sink my teeth into, nelson mandela, my hero, and martin king, and ghandi, and mark twain, and john denver, and jon kennedy, and lex walenska, and mother theresa, and my dad,

DirtCrashr said...

People who kiss their fellow murdering assassins like Arafat should watch out for herpes and other vile skin problems - lie down with dog and get up with fleas.

Troy said...

Maybe there's something there... Arafat was reportedly on the "down low" with a thing for boys.