Friday, 27 June 2008

True Brit 9

The rehabilitation of Rudyard Kipling seems to be growing steadily with each passing year.Once criticised as an Imperialist warmonger he is now being recognised for the great British writer and champion of the ordinary British Tommy that he was. The British empire was the worlds most benevolent international political creation in history. It brought peace and justice to countless millions around the world all recorded and written about in his down to earth style by Rudyard Kipling.A product of his time and class Kipling was by no means blind to the inequalities of his day and was quite harsh in his condemnation of those who abused the lives of the common soldier.He also had an ear for the sights and sounds of the natives of the Empire and portrayed them with understanding and affection. Today for many, the British empire is a thing of evil regardless of the horror that life in many nations free of the Empires rule has become.Kipling for many such as myself reminds the cowardly self hating left that once much of the world had access to justice and peace the likes of which they can now only dream of under the protection of modern emasculated Empires such as the U.N.


bryan said...

You wouldn't mean Zimbabwe or South Africa or Pakistan for starters, would you ; )

Troy said...

thud -- I 100% agree with this post (on both Kipling and the overall benevolence of British colonialism). As a friend of mine says (half-jokingly perhaps) -- there aren't any problems in Africa a little colonialism wouldn't solve. Today's version would be more benevolent (if that's the proper word -- equal?) and there would definitely be more media-watch. I tell my students all the time... look around the globe... the majority of the countries that were British colonies (starting with us here) are doing relatively well to great... Kenya, Tanzania, India, Belize, and others (there are exceptions of course). The French mucked theirs up good.

Long live the Common Law.

DirtCrashr said...

I've always had a Colonialist's affection for Rudyard. The Left has turned so much around in post-modern self loathing and narcissism that they don't even count anymore.